An On-Going Contribution to Apparel Industry.

Apparel market is on boom in this era and this sector is only going to expand its horizon in the near and far future. Trend of designer dresses, fancy and classy buttons, unique accessories, graphic support and much more has given a new shape to apparel industry.

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Quality Management

As stated several times, our customers are our priority and hence we strive to improve our quality management processes so that consumers’ health and safety is ensured. We make sure that by using our products, nobody should face any skin problem such as allergy, itching etc. Even, we take care of our consumers’’ pockets and sell our products only at reasonable prices. Cost reduction and efficiency have never impacted our products’ quality. Homme Author makes sure that its stakeholders know and understand about their responsibilities and needs.

Our Quality Management department aims at:

• Providing high quality and safe products within the standards,
• Doing systematic intervention to the faults on time and preventive actions at each stage not to repeat,
• Complying with the laws and regulations from product design to after-sales customer services,
• Revising our internal quality management systems and policies periodically, that results in development of the manufacturing processes and improvement in product efficiency

With such kind of dedication in improvement of quality, Homme Author promises great and memorable deals to all its customers.


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