Apparel market is on boom in this era and this sector is only going to expand its horizon in the near and far future. Trend of designer dresses, fancy and classy buttons, unique accessories, graphic support and much more has given a new shape to apparel industry.

Homme Author is continuously contributing its best to the apparel and fashion design sector. Yes, we are all about designing and sourcing and thereby promoting the best style worldwide. Several companies involved in mass production of designer clothes require our services. Homme Author has its head-offices based in Delhi, Bangalore as well as China, and these are the source points of running the business.

A Continued Process of Being Limitless….

We started in year 2012 with an idea and motive to provide distinctiveness in terms of designs and solutions to garment manufacturers and designers. Soon, we emerged out as an entity that lends it hands to garment manufacturers to produce unique material and designs. And, we did not stop on this but continued to become a design facility for designers and manufacturers. Not only we are involved in enhancing the manufacturers in terms of their services and products but also dedicated to bring continuous improvement in our own services, products and structures.

A Business Venture is Incomplete without Environmental Policies.

‘Sustainable development’, a term coined in 1987 nowadays holds a major significance in any organization. This is about the justified use of natural resources without harming the environment. Not only this but also it is about maintaining of the positive environment in office so that no negativity affects the production. A necessity is to ensure positive flow of work from top management to bottom management and vice-versa. This is a concern of Homme Author as well. It is an organization that believes in safeguard of natural resources and transparency in work flow and mutual respect and co-operation between all people involved in work. With the help of such noble policies, Homme Author ensures that the use of raw material is being only to the extent of actual requirement. For example, in case of metallic buttons, apart from being conscious about the purity level of metal, Homme Author is keen to find recycling methods so that the same metal could be reused without affecting the quality. Inclusion of artificial material for preparing denim accessories has also been done so that customers find different options and use of natural resources could be minimized. The office environment is really disciplined, and all employees have their own rights so that there is no human humiliation. Proper training of using machinery etc is provided so that all become efficient enough to produce the desirable goods.

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Co-operation Always Welcomed in Case of Safeguarding the Environment.

Homme Author selects factories and other companies for collaboration only if they follow strict environmental policies and discipline in work. Overall, our organization aims at mutual co-operation in maintaining a good and safe environment. We aim at notifying the public including our customers, clients and vendors about the urgent risks that the environment may face in recent times. Also, we are always keen to publish material that talks about safeguarding of environment for human and other living beings.


Our R&D Department- the Backbone of Qualitative Productivity

A flawless transfer of technology, mechanism and manpower is the necessity of every organization. This quality measurement makes sure that the end-product is a perfect one. And why not, when some input is given and investment is made, any organization seeks the results in best possible forms. This credit of ensuring the quality of products and processes goes to Research and Development department that takes in charge of examining every minute detail and catch all flaws that could be possible in work. Then, the flaws are rectified to the maximum or removed at all and afresh start is made. This department also points out the risk factors that could hamper afterwards. And accordingly, risk management is done so that the business never goes down.

A Promising R & D

Homme Author has its full-fledged R&D department that aims at qualitative management of all details, material, processes and production. It works at two levels: - Datasheet Application for Quality Control - Quality Management

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