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That Classy Denim and Those Fancy Denim Accessories:

Our Hands-On Experience Denim and Denim accessories are the products in which Homme Author cannot be competed. These are our main expertise areas and for the same we pay delicate attention to quality, quantity, trends, packaging, designing and everything required. Denim is the fabric loved by majority of people all around the world and why not should it be loved! It is comfortable, easy to carry and most of all gives a smart look to the person who wears it. What if some add-ons make your denim distinct in look and style! Would it not be outstanding!! Would your personality not be enhanced!! Yes, those will enhance the personality by unique style and appearance!! And such add-ons are nothing else but your denim accessories!! Metal buttons, labels, tags, rivets, chains, fancy zips, designer patches, belts and much more in the segment are available at Homme Author. The best thing about Homme Author is its customer-centric production and business. So, when it comes to production and sale of denim accessories, this is the best retailer one can do a deal with.

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Datasheet Management

Ensuring of product safety is a must for our Quality Control department. The trim structure of our accessories must be appropriate to meet the placement needs according to garment construction and sampling. Our clients are informed at all levels about the size, material and technicality at all levels. And, definitely creating a record of all this is a must and there comes the requirement of datasheet reports. Before finalizing, these reports are sent to clients for approval and even after the deal is confirmed and product is delivered, such reports help to be legally secure. Datasheet applications help to control the supply chain and give a proper direction to it. For quality control of the material being supplied, we have our own laboratory and test experts. Our laboratory is endowed with the state-of-art equipment and well-trained specialists. Quality Control Department of Homme Author performs several tests and examinations at all stages of the production processes as mentioned here:

• Tensile Strength
• Needle Detector Test
• Washing Test (Industrial and Home Type)
• Nickel Spot Test
• Heavy Metal Toxicity

A product is ready to be delivered only if it passes all these tests and other related tests. Different materials require distinct testing and after passing the test, further processes could be conducted and production is done.